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RDESHOP is a part of great-established RD Electronics retail and e-commerce business. RDESHOP represent RD Electronics brand in UK.

RD Electronics brand has 29 stores in Latvia and 2 stores in Lithuania.  E-shops in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland became popular for their customer care and a wide range of products. New e-commerce businesses in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Poland seeks to repeat the similar success of well known businesses in other countries.  In other words, our main mission is to be the best technology store where every customer gets what is needed. We working with passion and determination to provide high quality and outstanding customer service.

Why you can trust us

Huge experience

Being part of RD Electronics business brand we can proudly say that 25 years’ of experience in appliance and electronics sales makes us reliable retailer. In addition, we do operate well-recognized online shops not only in Latvia but also in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

A wide range of products

More than 100 000 goods stored in our warehouse that is ready to be dispatched today. We represent more than 250 manufacturers, offers only original products with official warranty.

Flawless online service

Customer care is critical for us. We spend a lot of time developing communication with our clients. We love our clients and that love is returned.

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